Messenger of God

Something amazing happened in my life on the Christmas Eve.

I was sitting in a Park in Cape Town, South Africa (cover picture is the part of the park I am talking about), praying and seeking God’s wisdom to deal with few personal things (I have not shared about these with anyone). After an hour of praying, I saw this man who was walking into the park from the driveway. In my heart, I knew that this stranger was going to come up and have a conversation with me (I was not alone in the park) and I did not give him the slightest attention just to make him know that I am not at all interested in having a Conversation with him at the point.

But He came up to me, stood right in front of me and said “Jesus asked me to share few things with you” and then he started speaking. And to my utter surprise, he spoke about the seven things about which I was praying at that moment; that too in perfect sequential order.

He knew who I was, Where I came and What I did. I was awestruck. God is amazing. He simply is. That messenger of God later prayed for me and walked away as if it happens every other day in his life.


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