Custom Designed Dreams


 I saw quite a few dreams in my lives which shocked me as I saw them, and shocked me, even more, when I saw them come true in my life as time unfolded.

God loves speaking to us through dreams and on a fun note, I think “speaking through dreams” is one of his prominent love languages. In my imagination, speaking to “His” people through dreams is “His” way of saying that even when ur shut off, I am by your side and speaking to you of things utterly unknown to you but things you should know to face the next days.

Many disqualify dreams as random thoughts which come together and plays like a video based on the things they thought and wrestled in that particular day/days. But the fact is that there are few types of dreams. Yes, some dreams are nothing but random thoughts, there are dreams from God and dreams from evil/dark forces.

There were seasons in my life where I saw a lot of dreams from God, and I have seen all of them come true eventually. The dreams were far too many that I knew that it was foolishness to discard them as mere coincidences.

During my college, I was super close with this one friend called Lijo. We were doing pretty good, and then one day I saw a dream where he was quitting college and was going back home and working in a company where he had to travel quite a bit. In the dream, he meets a girl, and after walking with her for a while he fell in love with her. In the next scene, I saw the girl in a white wedding gown; as a symbol of them getting married. I told this dream to him and it did not make any sense to him. By that time he was not planning to leave the college. But in few weeks time, he did leave the college, and he worked with an auditing company which made him travel a bit, and in the office, he met this girl, (now his beautiful wife) fell in love and later married and now they are living happily. Please say it is a coincidence.  

A few years back, I saw a dream about this girl who was on the same campus as I was. I never talked to her, but I knew her and could recognize her at sight. In the dream, I saw her dad raging with anger. I woke up and prayed, and as I was praying, I felt as if I should go and ask about her relationship with her dad. Until then I never spoke to her. I was pretty nervous to go and talk with her. I decided not to share with her. A few hours later I found myself standing behind her in a queue, and I was still not brave to talk with a stranger about her relationship with her dad. All of a sudden she turns back and says Hi! I said Hi, and then everything about the dream. She was shocked, and she said that she was not at all in a good relationship with her dad and even had heated disagreement with him. I asked if I can pray for her. She said YES! While I was praying, I saw an image/dream (from God), and I started sharing with her. She stopped me; I was little nervous when she stopped me, but then she continued the image/dream and its explanation right from where I stopped. I asked, “how do you know what I saw in my mind?” She said God, showed the exact image to one of her friends who already shared it with her two days back.

Once I was asking God if I am supposed to go and do a school in this particular organisation and that night I saw a dream where I was looking down from the sky and I saw a satellite view of this beautiful place and in that split second I knew that in my dream, I was standing on top of a building which belonged to this organisation about which I was praying. I felt peace in my heart and went to Andaman and Nicobar Islands, (Indian islands near to Thailand) to do that school. The day I arrived there, I rushed on top of that building and to my utter surprise it was exactly the view I saw in that dream. (God uses Google maps too 🙂 maybe apple maps).


The above picture is the view from that building.

I got many many stories like these to share but for a blog post, this is enough I guess. But I will be more than willing to share more of these stories if you wish to hear them in person or through a private message.

Anyway, the point is that many don’t understand the dreams they see and many find it difficult to accept the truth that God can speak, something to them. Thousands of people in the Middle East speak about how they came to know about the almighty God through dreams which they kept on seeing every single day until they could not help but say God is on their pursuit and it is not just random videos playing from the back of their minds.



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  1. Freny says:

    Wonderfull job Japhin it will help to many. God is using you in such a way. Keep continuing. May God bless you.


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