Japhin – Give away your entire Support

Last February, I decided to fast and pray for the base I am working in. In the first week of the fasting and praying, there was a hearing from the Lord session for the staff meeting. Five minutes into the prayer session, Lord asked me to go up and share with the entire staff team what he had spoken to me. After thinking for a while, I stood up and said, “We staff should take an active part in the fundraising campaign for the building project. (Our base was fundraising to build a place that could hold all the schools we were running). We needed 100,000 to start with, and we were only around 2400 short at this particular time.

The leadership team felt the same, and when I shared this, they decided to have a giving night next week. Everyone came prepared to give. I did not know what to give and how much to give. I even did not have any money at that point. I sat there and prayed, and I felt I should give my entire support.

I wrote it down on a paper saying “my entire support.” In the end, the leaders started counting the money that came in, and it was 277$, short of what we wanted. Without thinking for an extra second, I walked up to the base leader and said to him. I will give that 277 somehow (assuming that somehow God will provide that amount through me). My entire support for a month is not even half of 277$, so I signed up for something way out of my league. But I knew that God was behind all this, and I could sense him through all this.

For the next two weeks, I continued to pray, and money started coming in. People started giving me 20$ and 30$ because they felt God was asking them to give it to me. By the last week of that month, I received 274.5 $. I realized that I was only 2.5$ short of 277$.

In the next couple of days, someone should give me precisely 2.5 USD for this to become a crazy miracle. Exactly 2.5 USD, nothing more and nothing less. I thought that this would not happen. But it did happen. The government of India gives Subsidies for the cooking gas. That day they sent me 191 Indian rupees, and in US Dollars, it was 2.5 USD.

This was a fantastic experience. I am so happy that God asked me to do this.

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