Take whatever you want; we will pay.

That’s what we said to Alexander. He is from the Russian-occupied part of the country. He said okay and came back with two bags of frozen dumplings. Marie said you don’t have to live on dumplings alone. Go crazy!!! Get something you love to eat and seriously get as much as you want, and we will pay. Then he came back with a frying pan and a big block of pork fat and said, that is it. 

We noticed this grandpa on our daily supermarket trip. He was walking slowly and used a magnifying glass to check the prices. The prices have doubled, and there is no way an average pensioner can buy even the most basic products. This is why whenever we see older people in the store or on the streets, we always make sure to check on them. Truth be said, in most cases, they are even happier to simply talk to someone than about the care package itself. 

Loneliness is an equalizer. Young and old, in war or peace, loneliness kills people little by little every day. It might not physically harm, but loneliness does an awful lot to people mentally. Be careful to not make anyone around you feel lonely. – It’s not okay. 

We made sure that grandpa Alexander went home with two big bags of groceries so that he does not need to worry about food for the next two weeks. We also gave him our number and asked him to let us know if he needed anything.

In Kyiv, the landscape of the city changed a lot in the last 6 weeks. It is challenging for an elderly person with bad sight to walk familiar streets suddenly blocked with all the antitank stuff and whatnot. 

We were able to be a blessing because of your gracious giving. Thank you from Alexander. 

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